Friday, March 26, 2010

18 Reasons...

Marli is 18 mos old today!

Here are 18 things I love about the best girl I know, in no particular order :)

1. the way her little feet sound when she runs down the hall in the morning when she wakes up
2. her precious little voice saying please and thank you
3. when she just can't seem to give enough kisses
4. the way she holds my face when she sleeps/naps with me
5. that she loves to help clean up
6. that she's confident
7. her pretty little curls
8. singing before we fall asleep
9. the way she acts shy when she finally gets someones attention when we're out
10. her excitement when we get home and daddy's already there
11. the noise she makes when she hugs you
12. that she gives us pats on the back, like she's letting us know we're doing a good job
13. her sweet dance moves
14. to watch her learn
15. to watch her play
16. when she just sits with me
17. her many, many expressions
18. that nothing compares to the wonderful feeling it is to be her mommy!

1 comment:

Ducky said...

beautiful Betsy...put this in her baby book! You are a gooood mommy!