Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I didn't think it was possible to love my girl anymore, but after her and Aaron being gone for 7, yes, s-e-v-e-n! days...I think I do! I missed them sooo much. Sure it was nice to not have any one but me to worry about for a few days and relax, but it was lonely too. Now that they are back, everything seems much better.

Now that Spring is here and it's absolutely gorgeous here in OK, I am making it my aim not to stay inside and waste all these beautiful days. We're trying to go to the park, play outside, walk to the library or something every day after work/daycare. Monday we made a trip to the library where I returned my book that was 366 days past due. Obviously there isn't alot of demand for Isabelle Allende books here because they didn't seem to miss it much. Thankfully the sweet librarian only charged me $1 :)

Marli and I spent some time checking out the books. She loved the tables and chairs that were just her size and somehow managed to find a puppy in EVERY book that she picked up. No joke, this girl is obsessed with dogs.

Speaking of puppies, some of you may have heard me say that I believe Aaron and Marli have joined forces to weaken my resistance to the idea of ever having another dog. Case in point, Sunday night while we were rocking and getting ready for bed she kept saying..."Please" and rubbing her chest (the sign for please). I asked her what she needed and she continued saying "please" and making the sign on my chest. Finally between her whimpers and pleases and me asking what she needed she said "puppy". I think I said something like "Oh baby, we don't have a puppy..." what followed was the most pitiful wail I've ever heard...sad enough I thought for a split second about telling Aaron she really might need a puppy. I really think she's being coached by someone in our house.

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