Monday, March 15, 2010

Deals, Steals, and Thrills!

We recently took two GIANT leaps towards becoming debt free...Wahoo!!!!

It's this euphoric accomplishment that has us, well mainly me, consumed with penny-pinching and bargain hunting. We're back on the cash envelope system. I found this great coupon organizer turned cash budget system at Michaels that I love.
This one's cute, but mine is red with lemons one it. Not very fashion forward but sure beats paying more for something more stylish. When an old lady checks me out the store, it's all the rave. Younger clerks tend to look at me like I'm ridiculous for taking the time with it when I could just swipe my card and be on my way. Either way, every time I use it I feel like I'm accomplishing my goal of sticking to a budget.
I don't clip coupons...yet :) but I have recently been introduced to some bargain websites. I haven't really bought anything yet as I'm waiting for just the right moment when bargain and desire meet. My favorite is deal, one day until it's sold out. They also have a kids woot of the day, which I confess is much more tempting everyday. Bargain toys and games for deep discounts, when birthday and Christmas roll around, I won't be able to resist.
Do you love a bargain? What are some ways you save dough?

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sharalee said...

we do a lot and love it!! we're also tightening the reigns on our spending to get out of debt. its hard for us b/c i tend to spend cash when i have it, and preston tends to spend with debit and hoard his cash! we're figuring it out, but i always love to know how others are working it out too! yay!!