Monday, March 22, 2010

Two things happened this weekend of note...

One, Marli went pee-pee in the big potty!!! So exciting. I know, I know, she's barely 18 mos and we're not pushing real hard...but she did it! For a couple weeks she's been sitting on her seat on the big potty. When I ask if she needs to pee-pee, we'd strip her down and she'd climb up and sit. I give her a little square of TP (which she proceeds to blow her nose with); she climbs down and puts her little toilet ring away and flushes. It hadn't been productive and I really didn't expect it to, but she seemed happy with this little routine and I figured getting acclimated to the big potty couldn't hurt. Well, after a Sunday afternoon full of taking her diaper on and off, I decided to let her run free. While I was washing my face last night I didn't even notice that she had climbed up for a sit. Then I heard it...TINKLE!!! I got so excited I hope I didn't scare her. Aaron rushed in and was upset I hadn't told him to come quicker. I think we recovered her moment of fright to one of excitement and she was very proud of herself too!

The second, was not so exciting...I laid down for a quick nap on Friday after work while we were waiting on Ben to get here. I woke up and had some strange horrible pain in my abdomen. I stood up and it basically doubled me over and then I felt the most horrific pain I have known to this day in my right shoulder. I couldn't even muster the strength to yell for Aaron, but he finally came to my aid. This lasted for about twenty minutes during which I made my way to the living room, let my mom console me and writhed on the floor in pain. Marli thought that maybe jumping on my belly would help as I lay did not :) While my bout continued, I had Aaron quickly use his resources to diagnose me. Gallblader attack maybe? Yikes, what ever it was, it was AWFUL.

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