Saturday, November 29, 2008


Marli's first Thanksgiving was a good one...a little non-traditional but lots of fun no less. Thanksgiving evening we met Mom, Dad, Drew, Ben and friends in Edmond to go ice skating. The ice rink ended up being closed, contrary to what their website said. We found a Japanese Steakhouse that was open for dinner (boy was Mom glad since Braum's was our only other choice!) and went bowling instead. Here's drew trying his hand at the hibatchi grill...he did pretty good with his egg toss.

Friday we had fixed all the Thanksgiving goodies with one exception, steak instead of turkey. If you ask me, that should be the way we do it every year! After some nap time...

it was time for some family football...

Let's just say none of us were as good as we hoped to be. Next year I think we should go for a leisurely family stroll instead of playing a competitive game of football!

Here's a couple more cute pictures of Marli from the weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Not much new but I love this picture and thought it was worthy of a post. Marli is smiling and making sweet little noises all the time, especially for Aaron. She is staying awake alot more during the day so we have lots of fun! As you can see, bath time is a pretty enjoyable part of our day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marli and I got to spend a few days in Canadian last week and it was fantastic. I think it was the first trip we got to relax and enjoy. Nothing to do and no crazy, fast cross-country tours. Marli is continuing to grow and change so quickly. Here you can see how good she is at holding her head up. (That's kind of a funny face but she was really focused on showing her other skills.)

Marli and Chug are getting to be good friends. I love how he has his paw on her leg!

Our newest fun activity is definitely strolling. We are trying to get as many trips in as we can before it gets too cold. This morning we went for a walk with Daddy and she loved it. We also learned that the hills around here are no joke. I'm going to have to map out a better route, my poor, out of shape legs barely made it!

And to finish this post...I just can't resist taking her picture when she sleeps. She is just so precious!

Okay Mommy that is enough for now!