Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I signed up for simple meal planning services @ e-mealz.com (Thank you Mandie!) Just last night I was making up my dreaded two week grocery list and noticed the usual trend...lots of grilled chicken and veggies, soft tacos or some variation at least once, sausage and potatoes, pizza...so boring. I've also found that buying that much food two weeks at a time is a)dreadful with a 19 mos in tow even if she is perfect :) b) still overwhelming to me c) frustrating when we let things go unused and wasted.

I went with the family meal plan (for 4-6 people, 7 meals) so we can eat leftovers for lunches. I think I'll cut out a meal or too for things we don't like and leftover nights since it's quite a bit of food for us. Our new menu for the week...

Apple Butter Chicken/Green Beans
Easy Tuna Casserole/Strawberry Salad
Cheddar Broccoli Quiche/Berry and Melon Salad
Taco Burgers
Southwest Chicken Salad

The best part is the shopping list for the store that you choose. Coded by number for each meal. How easy is that!